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The time span of this specific course is 2 Months .

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An authenticated certification by Onez that is valid and acceptable all over Pakistan.

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Mode of Training

Online & In-House

Starting from

PKR 40,000

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Introduction to Amazon VA:

The Amazon Virtual Assistant task is to work remotely and help you to manage your Amazon store. Depending on their knowledge, skills, and experience, a virtual assistant can be used for a range of tasks. For lengthy tasks like Amazon marketing, data entry work, or editing product photos, you might hire a VA. Important projects like research or data analysis can also use them. It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that virtual assistants are a much-needed involvement for the majority of businesses.

What are the benefits of having a virtual assistant for your amazon store?

Your virtual assistant can manage your amazon store. Working with a trustworthy VA will give you more time to focus on growing your company. Freeing up time also frees up resources, which is advantageous to everyone. A good virtual assistant should also be able to spot potential areas where you could save time and be more productive.

The top 4 responsibilities of a virtual assistant are listed below:

  • Order completion
  • Optimizing product listings on amazon
  • Search the market and company analysis
  • Customer service
  • Why Should you do an Amazon Virtual Assistant Course?

    It is impossible to survive and advance in the hardest competition without learning new things or developing new abilities. The online Amazon virtual assistant training in Pakistan offered by Onez commerce gives students a chance to study and expand their possibilities. It promotes the growth of professionals who have the skills and knowledge to provide freelance services to others. It provides guidance and knowledge on choosing products, managing seller accounts, and creating a profile. It also offers a fundamental understanding of how the virtual assistant works.

    The purpose of this course is to enable a lot of people to become independent and work in flexible hours. It helps with understanding how the Amazon program supports the creation of side income. After registering for the Amazon virtual assistant, it is easier to learn the tasks and number of hours that a person must put in online. A person will join the company remotely and leave a good impression with continued growth and development in business.

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    Onez Comerce Amazon VA Training in Pakistan:

    Through this course, beginners will be able to become familiar with Amazon as a virtual assistant. Students will learn how to become Real Amazon Assistants and work from home as needed by clients to complete projects. The student will have the skills necessary to interact with all Amazon managers and customer service agents, locate the item, and list it on the marketplace.

    Course Goals:

    You will be able to do perform these following tasks when you finish this course:

  • Manage your Amazon Account
  • Learn how to use different data analysis tools for Amazon Product Research and Product Discovery
  • Sending FBM orders to customers and filling out goods are examples of order filling activities
  • Deal with refunds and customer service for Amazon customers on behalf of the client.
  • Product Listings
  • Campaign management for Amazon advertising (PPC).
  • Working as an Amazon Virtual Assistant on Upwork and Fiverr, delivery and product quality.

    Who should join, and why

    • Anyone with a business-minded outlook

    • Anyone looking to establish their own brand

    • Anyone looking to build their brand and promote it on Amazon

    Visit Onez Commerce or Contact us at 03008452162 – 03008452163 for further details.

    The Amazon virtual assistant training in Pakistan is the greatest and most well-known program for working as a freelancer and growing. It allows you to study and make money in your spare time by using it wisely on the internet. Those who desire to make an impact in a competitive environment can work and progress quickly.

    It provides an individual with a variety of facilities or learning outcomes without requiring them to invest their own money. The course is more like hands-on instruction for managing the seller's account and developing a product line. The Amazon virtual assistant will provide an exceptional experience with the following consequences.

    • Company and account formation

    • Seller central management

    • How to run clients' product

    • How to hunt profitable products

    • Listing creation and optimization

    • How to get huge sales and ratings

    • Order fulfillment FBA & FBM

    • Amazon Ads (PPC)

    • Amazon account reinstate

    • Account health management & Customer services

    • Client handling and retention