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The time span of this specific course is 2 Months .

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An authenticated certification by Onez that is valid and acceptable all over Pakistan.

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PKR 20,000

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SEO Training

Are you searching out for a digital marketing course in Pakistan that will make you learn swiftly with innovation? Well, OnezCommerce has aficionados who are problem solvers of international clients and have settled many puzzling situations. With extensive experience, our mentors are committed to providing excellence. Onez Commerce encourages people to become SEO specialists so they may increase the amount of organic web traffic to their websites or provide on-demand services. With Top Notch SEO courses in Pakistan, we have widened the horizon as you can come to know how to help you make your rankings high and traffic accentuated to the next levels. Without SEO, ranking websites and developing a digital marketing strategy is nearly impossible. Our adept mentors are well-aware of the changing dynamics and updates that will help you to top the ladder of success. All aspects are covered swiftly in two months, from basics to technical SEO. Among top-rated SEO courses in Pakistan, we stand above all because of our ground-breaking mechanism to assist many users in uplifting their skills. When you enroll in our digital marketing courses in Pakistan, you will understand that we are second to none due to adherence and affirmed stance!

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Every Aspect of SEO

An Overview of Search Engine Optimization Methodology

  • How Search Engine Optimization Methods Operate SEO versus SEM
  • How to Profit from Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Search Console Introduction for Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics is currently accessible.
  • Creating a Sitemap Using Your Knowledge of Robots
  • Text Example Introducing the Features of the Yoast, WordPress Plugin SEO
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How do primary and secondary keywords in keyword analysis differ?

  • Numerous keywords researching
  • Keyword Placement
  • Finding Keyword Suggestions Manually
  • Tools for keyword research

ON-PAGE Practical Introduction to On-Page SEO for Search Engine Optimization

  • The Most Effective Title and Description Strategies (Meta Data)
  • Comprehension of heading tags
  • Paragraph Formatting Instructions
  • An Introduction to URL Enhancement
  • The top image enhancement technique
  • A Catalog of Internal Links
  • How to Create External Links
  • Using Blog Writing Techniques that Are SEO-Friendly

The 2-month duration course is worthwhile to become a pro of Search Engine Optimization. We can assist you right away to remain focused on the search engine updates and strategize that can boost SERPs. Invest an amount of 50,000 and learn the futuristic avenues of digital marketing. Register for the training today to make a difference!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process aimed at improving a website's visibility and ranking in search engine results. Its importance lies in its ability to drive organic traffic, boost visibility, and foster effective competition in the online realm. By implementing SEO strategies, businesses can attract more visitors to their websites, ensuring higher-quality traffic and potential business growth.

You will gain valuable knowledge and skills that can significantly impact your website's visibility and online presence.

Course Outline:

• Understanding of Search Engines, Google Algorithms

• Keyword Research

• On-Page Optimization

• Technical SEO

• Link Building and Off-Page Optimization

• SEO Analytics: Explore tools and techniques for tracking and analyzing website traffic (Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and knowledge of tools like semrush, ahrefs, google keyword planner, mozbar, and more.)

• Local SEO

• Keeping up with the most recent SEO trends, algorithm updates, and industry best practices.


The duration of the SEO course is 2 months. The class schedule will be determined based on the batch you are assigned to. Once the batch is finalized, the specific class schedule will be provided, indicating the days and times when the classes will be conducted.