Business Valley Power

Business Valley Journey



Skills Test and Businessboy Analysis

Shortlisting of Businessboys and Businessgirls for the Manufacturers and Traders - For Scaling up of product sales vi International Ecommerce, B2B & B2C.



Investor / Manufacturer Meetup

Meetup of the specific sector’s Manufacturers and Traders for the candidate interviews for the Businessboy roles



Brand and Product Category Selection

Selection and allocation of Product Categories and Brands based on Merit of Prior exposure, interest, and proven Experience in the sector.



Financial Due Diligence

Complete scrutiny and due diligence of the project report before the Business Transaction kick-off for Justice to the Investment & Resources and time.



Business Launching

Ecommerce websites, online stores, B2C and B2B exposure, ensuring a quick and timely launch to create a market viable Product. Startup Launch with right spirit.



Sales & Marketing

Launching Campaigns for Brand value, selecting the right audience, with engaging content, Customer engagement, Sales Leads Generation & closing. Customer Retention.



Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Stock keeping, organizing Warehousing, Order Management, Returns, Exchange, and Inventory Management.



Accounts, Book-keeping & Forecasting

Managing Capital Investment, fixed and recurring Costs, purchases, Expenses, and break-even points. Analyzing Profit, Loss, Recovery Cycles. & Financial Forecasting.



Happy Earning

Enjoy the Success of the Launch and work on the Business Scaleup, Explore new markets to multiply revenue. Plan and Manage Savings for Expansions.

Added Benefits

The Business Valley provides a comprehensive platform for both the Manufacturer and the young Businessboys for a mutually beneficial win-win scenario with a lot of benefits as added advantages on top of the core purpose of business scaleup for the investors and opportunities for youth.

Expert Mentorship by the Experienced

Lifetime Support by Onez Commerce

International Reach with 25 Yearsof European Experience

Variety of Resources to give a Choice to the Investor

Variety of opportunities for every skill

Expertise in Planning and Execution with Startups

Experts in Technology with Iconic Ecommerce platforms Internally

Start Exporting to Europe & US
Reach New Markets via Ecommerce
Quick Business Scaleup
Merit in Selection of Business boys
Technology Supporting Skills
Professional Approach to Startup Success


Technology has influenced many aspects of life over time

Yes, surely students can open a business.

Indeed, Business Valley will help students by all means. We support our students to gain technical skills - not only this but also stand with them financially and morally.

Visit Onez Commerce or Contact us at 03008452162 – 03008452163 for further details.

Business valley will help students to develop, launch, and manage. Also, we will fund their start-ups.

No, it is for all students from all walks of life. It is even for those students who are not a part of Onezcommerce but want to start a business.

To join the Business Valley please, register yourself. To register please call Team Onez at 03008452162 – 03008452163.

Basic education is required, especially one must have the know-how of computers. Also, only those students must join who have the desire of starting a business.

We always look to help students, that is why have designed an installment plan.

Yes, we have both shifts available; morning as well as evening shifts.

Business unit managers of the different sectors at Onez Commerce will lead. Also, we have several mentors for each department to support and help students.